Friday, March 13, 2009

Roaming Penguin Fun Facts

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(Originally posted on The Sidney Crosby Show on November 10, 2008.)

Penguin Mama Stephanie S. sent in some interesting stats about our Roaming Friends:
Orders to date: 187
Penguins sent: 91
Money collected for MLF so far: $520

Countries covered: U.S., Canada, England, Scotland, Germany
Number of Canadian Provinces: 5
Number of U.S. States: 26
Most popular player: Sidney Crosby (90)
Runners up: Marc Andre (24), Geno (19), Mad Max (12)
Hours spent making penguins: 325+

All the compliments, stories, friends I've made and pictures that make me laugh: PRICELESS!
Wow - $520 for the Mario Lemieux Foundation. You guys rock!! And H-U-G-E props go to Stephanie for spending so much of her time making these for us!!! Speaking of the Roamers, Friend of The Show Toni H. shares the story of Kris Penguin's autumn adventures in the Heartland:
Kris Penguin arrived in Bloomington, Indiana just in time for the regular season! He enjoyed walking around the Indiana University campus. Here he is in front of the "Sample Gates" on the west side of campus:

That Saturday, Kris Penguin was able to watch the Penguins' opening game in Stockholm on TV:

And the next day he helped celebrate Mario Lemieux's birthday with a cake. [snoop: YES!!! And WOW that's a beautiful cake!]:

Kris Penguin's first trip out of state was to St. Louis, Missouri to watch the Penguins take on the Blues. He enjoyed the car ride and getting to see some of Illinois on the way:

Of course, Kris Penguin had to visit the Gateway Arch while we were in town. He didn't get to go up in it, but still wanted his picture taken:

For dinner, we went to Old Spaghetti Factory. Kris Penguin enjoyed the strawberry lemonade. Kris Penguin wants to let everyone know that the Detroit shirt in the background is being worn by a friend. She wanted to see the Penguins play and wore a Penguins' jersey during the game. He thought it was great that she wanted to go along and has no hard feelings (until November 11th, that is):

Kris Penguin was excited to be able to cheer on his human counterpart live at the game! He was even more excited that the Penguins won to finish off their road trip:

Thanks so much to Stephanie and Toni for their contributions to today's post! Tomorrow is the long-awaited first matchup against the Red Wings since the Stanley Cup loss and the Marian Hossa signing...

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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