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Roaming For Mario

Hello, Friends! snoopyjode here. :) I'm helping Roaming Penguin Mama Stephanie get all the original RP posts from The Sidney Crosby Show published here so all of them are available in one location. Stick around - after the oldies are up, Stephanie will be adding several brand new, never-seen-before photos and stories. ENJOY!!

Of course, we have to start at the beginning. The following post was the post that opened the door for this site to exist...

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(Originally posted on The Sidney Crosby Show on August 8, 2008.)

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After a few weeks of hard work, good Friend of The Show Stephanie S. is ready to release her Roaming Penguins. She has all the details for us in her stint as today's guest blogger:

A million thank yous to Jodie for letting me sell my penguins through The Show! I am so pleased and flattered that there was an interest in my yarn art and am excited to help out a great cause close to any Penguins fan's heart!

Ok, here are the details:

The penguin stands about 7” tall and is about 4” wide. Each penguin will have his number on his back and on his non-stick wing. Captains and Alternates will have the “C” and “A” on the front. All penguins (except Fleury) have a puck attached to their stick. And per Jodie’s brilliant suggestion, Marc-Andre Fleury penguins have wider sticks and a catching glove (with puck in it)! You can order any player/number you want...there are no limits.

The penguins will be $10 each. $5 from each penguin will go to the Mario Lem
ieux Foundation. (The other $5 goes towards supplies and labor. I will not be financing a trip to Europe on my profits or to the other side of Nashville, for that matter!) Shipping will be extra and will be figured on a case-by case basis. Rest assured, I will ship these guys as cheaply as possible!

This is Marc-Andre Penguin. :)

First and foremost, I ask for everyone’s patience as I figure everything out…I’ve never done anything like this before! I have pre-produced some penguins ahead of time, which will help. But please understand that I have a real job, somewhat of a life, and another self-commitment to charity knitting that I do. I will do my best to knock these little guys out…I want to see all the traveling penguins in pictures! But I can make no fast and hard promises to turnaround time. I also ask, for now, that we limit orders to one penguin a piece. I want to make sure everyone gets at least one in a timely matter. I will let you all know when things get manageable for you to order more! Also, obviously, I cannot accommodate rush orders. All orders will be filled in the order in which they are received (I have a lovely spreadsheet all ready to go!)

The ordering process:
  1. E-mail me at, please make the subject line “Roaming Penguin” so I can spot them easily!
    [snoop: If you just click her email address, your default email editor will load a blank new message with her address and the subject line already filled in. You can then proceed to step 2.]
  2. Include your full name, address, and player/number you want
  3. I will e-mail you back letting you know I received your order and let you know where you fall on the list. I will TRY to give you at least an estimate as to how long it will be.
  4. When your penguin is finished, I will e-mail you with all the payment details (I’ll be using Paypal), and what your postage will be.
  5. Your penguin will be mailed just as soon as I receive payment.
Please direct ALL questions to me via e-mail! Jodie has very graciously given me a platform to sell my creation, but she has no control over my production pace and can’t tell you where you are now on the list. I will give updates on how much money has been raised and any other general “how things are going” stuff.

A few “fine print” notes. These are not toys. They do have a few pieces glued on and the sticks have wire in them. So please do not give them to small children or dogs. Second, if you are DEATHLY allergic to cats….well, I have one and, try as I might, there will be a few stray hairs on the penguins. (If you have pets, you know the pet hair battle is never ending!)

Thanks again to Jodie for letting me "take over" the site to do this! And please don't tell my Stars I'm doing this....they would be sooooo jealous (this is what they get for not having a mascot!).

No problem, Stephanie! Your secret is safe with us, although who knows who these little guys will meet in their travels once they start roaming... ;)

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