Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Original Sidney Penguin, Part 1

A friend of mine was checking out this site and asked "Where are YOUR pictures??" Well, duh. I hadn't even thought about that! (it really is amazing I make it out alive each day :) )

So, without further ado.....the Adventures of the Original Sidney Penguin:

We had a little time to kill over the summer.....and Sidney didn't want to be away from the rink too long. So I braved the ice for the first time since junior high (and let me tell you....junior high was just a few years ago....)

Where would Sidney be most at home? Well, an ice rink of course....

Sidney checking out the ice

Sidney goes wherever I go...including my 20-year high school reunion over Labor Day. It was S.P.'s first trip to my hometown of Raymore, MO (just south of Kansas City). We had a fun time visiting my old stomping grounds:

I took Sidney to see my high school. Sorry, Sid, my school doesn't have a hockey team...

Unfortunately, I spend most of my time at work....but Sid doesn't mind so much hanging out with K.C. Wolf (Chiefs mascot) and my London Tower bear while I slave away for mere pittance...

Just hanging out at work. S.P. approves of my screensaver.

I don't get to travel as much as I would like, so my friend, Nancy, entertained Sidney by taking him on her trip to Boston. I dare say, she had more fun than I imagined!

Safety first as Sid heads toward Nantucket Island

Enjoying the beach

Checking out historical sights. Education is so important, you know.

Where everybody knows your name! (though I'm not sure how the Boston-ites feel about the name "Sidney Crosby"...)

I dragged S.P. along to meet my beloved Dallas Stars at the downtown Hilton in Nashville. As his reward for being so patient with my love for my "other team", I got his picture in front of the beautiful Hall of Fame across the street:

Sidney thought that the piano keyboard shape of the Country Music Hall of Fame was cool

Sidney did his duty on election day and went and voted!

This is a rare moment when I can get Josey to stay still long enough for a posed photo

As you can see, Sid and I keep pretty busy! The next installment will include pictures from all our trips to Dallas within a three-month period (you know...the holidays and all :) )


  1. I have been to Nashville so many times, but never in the hall of fame! Also, you know L.P. Field? The Stadium? What does L.P. stand for? We always try to figure it out!

  2. Ok, I had to do some digging, but I found the answer!

    LP is for LP Building Products. The "LP" stands for Louisiana-Pacific.

    You learn something new every day!