Sunday, March 8, 2009

Long Time No Post

(Originally posted on The Sidney Crosby Show on August 25, 2008.)

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We've got more Friends in faraway places - Andrea H. sent in this picture all the way from Germany:

Over the weekend, Sidney Penguin continued on in his adventures across North America. He made a long, transatlantic trip from Nova Scotia to Seattle...

...where he met up with good Friend of The Show Daily Su. He alleviated his jet lag with a bottle of Crosby Cabernet and then, well, I'll just let her tell you all about it:
Today was "Take Your Penguin to Work Day". Sidney Penguin went to visit a TV station in Seattle. He liked everything he saw, but loved hanging out with the helicopter the most. He now wants to learn how to be a pilot (our helicopter is called "SkyKing" - our station call letters are KING).

Many thank yous to Friends Andrea and Daily Su for their help with today's post! :)

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