Thursday, March 12, 2009

Catching Up: Part 2

(Originally posted on The Sidney Crosby Show on October 7, 2008.)

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Sidney Penguin had to get on a plane for today's Roaming Penguin installment. Here's what Friend of The Show Sigma956 had to say about S.P.'s first flight:
Sidney Penguin took his first plane ride on 8/30/08 from Pittsburgh to St. Louis (via Chicago). He visited with my mom and step-dad in Cape Girardeau, MO, then went to eat at the infamous Lambert’s CafĂ© (Home of the “Throwed Rolls”) in Sikeston, MO, and then back to St. Louis to see my beloved Cardinals in action against the Florida Marlins at Busch Stadium. Sidney had a great time in visiting the “Show-Me-State”.

The first picture is me and Sidney Penguin inside Busch Stadium. The background is the scoreboard that is outside the stadium:

The second picture is from inside the Jack Buck Party Room:

The third picture is Kylie (my three-year old daughter) and Sidney on the flight to our layover in Chicago:

[snoop: Oh my gosh, she's so darn cute!!]

The last picture is from Lambert’s, the best home-cookin’ comfort food on the face of the earth!

Lots of thanks go out today to Sigma956 for basically doing my job for me! :)

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