Monday, March 9, 2009

Pens v Maple Leafs (W 3-2) Exhibition Game

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(Originally posted on The Sidney Crosby Show on September 25, 2008.)

Now we're heading back to Seattle for today's Roaming Penguin story. Recently, Friend of The Show TheNWChica took her friend Max Penguin on a day trip. I'm pretty excited because it marks his first appearance here on TSCS! Here is her account of what they did:

"Here's Max taking a rest on a shelf of my extra bedroom with some of my hockey goodies."

"All strapped in for a day of errands and shopping!" [snoop: See, kids? Even little Penguins need to buckle up!]

"We got hungry, so we stopped for sushi since I know a lot of the Boys love sushi." [snoop: Not to mention it's a real penguin's favorite treat, too!]

"After lunch, we went for a walk in downtown Seattle and he needed a rest, so we stopped next to a newspaper box."

"We would have gone to a Mariners game, but they were out of town, so I just took his picture in front of Safeco Field."

Many thanks to TheNWChica for helping with today's post!

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