Sunday, March 8, 2009

Back From Being AWOL

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(Originally posted on The Sidney Crosby Show on September 2, 2008.)

Well, I hope all of you had as wonderful a holiday as I did! :) I honestly didn't intend to go missing for so long, but I had a very full extended weekend of friends, family, and last minute fun to close out the summer. Now I'm relaxed, rested, refreshed, and READY FOR OCTOBER!!

Sidney Penguin must like the northern New York/Canadian border area. His most recent stop was in Welland, Ontario, Canada...

Click for a closeup view of Welland.

...where he spent a busy couple of days with Friend of The Show Stephanie B. taking road trips to Niagara and Toronto. Once again, I'll let her captions explain each photo:

"This is Sidney P. sitting on a dock of the Welland Recreational Waterway. Until 1970 when the new canal was built, the Recreational Waterway was a main 'highway' between lake Erie and lake Ontario for large ships. Referred to as 'the old canal' by most residents, it is an important part of the city's history, and hence an important place for Sidney P. to visit. (He went in the paddle boat while he was there!)"

"After Sidney visited the old canal, he made about an hour and a half journey to Toronto to the Air Canada Center for a Celine Dion concert!! He can be seen here chillaxin before the show..."

"...and then is shown with another famous Canadian in the background!"

Many, many thanks to Friend Stephanie B. for her contribution to today's post. :)

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