Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Sorry to have been quiet lately....I know the excuse "work is crazy" is a tired one, but it is oh so true! But things should quiet down after this week and I can get back to getting cute little Roamers up for you to see! (I have also been remiss on making penguins....*hangs head in shame*)

Anyhow, I believe Jodie and I are done copying TSCS posts (which is why there are many, many posts all in a short span). I believe she has some pictures that weren't posted and I have received some in the last few weeks. That will become my priority this weekend :)

Also, I know I keep promising a big announcement and it IS coming! I believe I can finally get around to that on tune in then! You won't be sorry....I promise....

Keep sending pictures and stories and penguin orders! And, of course.....GO PENS!!


  1. I totally get the "work is crazy" stuff :)

    Can't wait to see what the big announcement is!

  2. YAY!!! So excited for this big announcement! And hey, my life is crazy and I don't even have a REAL job. Don't sweat it.:)

  3. Take your time, Stephanie, don't freak out about us! We know how much you have to do.