Saturday, September 19, 2009

Roamers Go To Camp!

Pens training camp started last weekend and the Big Pens weren't the only ones in the house!

Lexie and her mom got up early and were first in line to get into the Mellon. That wake-up call reaped great benefits:

Brooksie waiting for the boys to arrive

Kris makes sure all the water bottles are ready

Max is finally seeing a little movement on the ice!

Let training camp begin!!

"Ok, boys, we need to see a little more hustle out there..."

Lexie and little Tanger

Little Tang and Big Tang

Kris is waiting his turn to hit the ice...

Lexie, Kris Penguin and some dude :)

Another autographed Roamer :)

Thanks so much to Lexie (and her mom, Tiffany) for these great photos! Seeing Roamers in the hands of the players is absolutely unreal to me. This is Kris Letang's second Roamer encounter (first one was back in February), so, according to Lexie, "he already knew about them" :) Ummmm. Wow. I'm all vklempt just thinking about it!!

Less than two weeks til the season starts.....GO PENS!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"They Are Super Cute!"

After a unanimous vote for me calling the MLF to see if they got the check, I finally got around to it today. And I am thrilled to report that, not only did they receive our check, they love the Roamers!

I spoke to Nancy, the Executive Director (aren't I special?). I simply told her that I had sent a check in March but hadn't gotten confirmation that they got it. She looked me up in their system and said "Oh wait! Are you the one that made the penguins?" Can I just tell you all that, at this point, she could have told me they hated them and I wouldn't have heard her cause I was just so thrilled that she made that connection!

But, don't worry, she went on to tell me that they passed the little guys all around the office and that they loved them! She proceeded to apologize a thousand times for me not getting a letter. Though, really, I was just so giddy that they thought the Roamers were "super cute"! She asked me for my address and we discovered that they had my street name misspelled in their database (Treutland is not exactly a common name...). I really do believe that's where the mix-up came in. My post office is very unforgiving. If you address something to "Treutland Street" instead of "Treutland Avenue", it will not get to me. Grrrr.....

Anyhow, I told her that I was still going strong and that one of our yarn boys was in the hands of Kris Letang only days earlier (pictures coming!!). And I did hint that everyone would just be thrilled if she could take some pics of the boys around their office. Hopefully we might see some soon!

So, I'm glad I called them and Nancy was extremely wonderful to talk to! I am just so excited that they really know about the project and I can't wait to send them another check!! (I think we're about halfway there :) )

Next up: Roamers are enjoying this preseason almost as much as the rest of us!