Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Kris's hang out

Kris Penguin has only been in Brookville, PA for a few days, but has already embarked on quite an adventure!

Elizabeth and Kris P. headed out to the Pens-Islanders game and, after a nail-biting win, they got to meet Kris the Human! To say Kris Penguin (and Elizabeth, for that matter) were thrilled would be an understatement :)

Hey! I know who that guy is!

Hey Kris! Look over here!!

Which Kris is cuter? Hmmmmm.....

A signed Kris Penguin....collectors item for sure!

Thanks to Elizabeth for sending in these photos and giving us all hope that our Roamers will meet their Humans someday!


  1. Wow! I love these pictures and I am majorly jealous - Kris is definitely one of my favorites!

    He's perfect:
    1.) Gorgeous
    2.) Plays hockey
    3.) Has an adorable French-Canadian accent
    4.) He's a lefty like me!


    Great pictures Elizabeth - thanks for sharing them with us! I think we should hang out at a game some time - you certainly are lucky with meeting the players!

  2. i love tangers!!
    it's so cool how he met "hemself" lol!

  3. sorry. "hImself."

  4. Awesome! Another Penguin has met his 'namesake'! :D

    My penguins are jealous...:P

  5. Jaime,

    Tell me about it! My Sidney Penguin is quite put out that he is the ORIGINAL, and, yet, he hasn't been anywhere near his counterpart or any of his teammates for that matter :)

    I can only hope that changes in the future!

  6. Oh my god! So jealous! I think the big Kris might be cuter! Just a LITTLE bit though.;)

  7. I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it fifty times more: I can never meet any of the Real Life Pens, because I would make an utter ass out of myself. Max and Petr Penguin would hang their heads in shame and embarassment if ever we met Real Max and Real Petr. I get nauseous just imagining it.

  8. you're so lucky!!! how did you know where to find the real letang?

  9. Absolutely love the pic of Roamer and Human together! So cute! Can't wait for more Roamer-and-Counterpart interactions!

  10. That's so cool! You're very lucky Stephanie.

    Keep us updated and good luck with the blog!