Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Updates and other things

Well, I have officially finished my 200th penguin! That is a heckuva lot of yarn! I'll be up over 300 before all is said and done (or maybe 400.....or 500......)

A lot of people have asked and, no, I haven't heard anything from the MLF yet. You all will be the first to know if I do!

On the international news front, I just sent two penguins to Switzerland! Kris S. is living over there and Geno and Sidney Penguin are going to go visit. I hope she sends us some really great pictures :) Also, my friend Nancy is traveling in Europe and she had so much fun taking Sidney P. to Boston that I sent him with her abroad. S.P. gets to travel a lot more than I get to....

And, last but not least, Sidney Penguin and I went and saw our very favorite band a few weeks ago....the Dave Matthews Band! This was Sid's 3rd show (he went with me to Indianapolis last summer). And what song so you suppose SP wanted to hear? Well, "Captain", of course! Sadly, he was disappointed....but Mama got to hear "Recently" for the first time in 20 shows, so the evening was a success :) (maybe Sidney will get to hear Captain in Indy this can only hope...)

Sidney is ready to jam out to some DMB!

Another Roaming Penguin picture post coming soon!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Penguins in St. Louie, Louie

We have more pictures to share from Jaime. She took her Roamers to see their counterparts play the Blues in St. Louis (they were very excited to see their boys win!)

Sidney Penguin at the game! Sidney Crosby is somewhere on the Pens' bench...

Sidney Penguin

Sidney Penguin

Marc-Andre Penguin at the game! You can see Marc-Andre Fleury in the net to the left at the far end of the ice. :D

Marc-Andre Penguin

Geno Penguin and the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

Geno Penguin
Funny story....I stuck my tongue on the Arch in the Winter of '89. We do some silly things in college, don't we?

Geno Penguin at the game! Evgeni Malkin is somewhere on the ice.

Geno Penguin
I believe Geno Penguin got to see Big Geno score a goal at this game!

Sidney Penguin at the game. Yes, Sidney Crosby is down on the ice somewhere...the camera just didn't focus too well on the players.

Sidney Penguin

A big thanks to Jaime for sharing her pictures from the game! I'm always happy to see stuff from my home state :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sidney Heads to Erie for Homecoming

Last fall, Sidney and Lauren headed back to Gannon University in Erie for homecoming. Lauren showed Sid the sites and it looks like they had a fun time!

Sidney Penguin poses with the sign outside Old Main:

It's kind of like the game Where's Waldo? Can you find SP in this picture? :)

Sidney Penguin with Old Main in the background. As I was taking this picture, a man and woman walked by and the woman said "Hi Mr. Penguin" and I couldn't help but think of the woman who said "Hi Penguin" to MAF when he was handing out season tickets this year. :)

Gannon is a Catholic university, which is why we have a statue of Jesus and two students outside the Campus Center. It's kind of an unofficial tradition to have your picture taken with Jesus, so I figured Sidney Penguin should too!

Well, who else would you expect The Saint to hang out with?

Sidney Penguin underneath the Gannon Arch.

Erie is full of fish like this, and frogs too. Each one is painted with a different theme (in Cleveland, they have guitars that are each painted in a unique way). Most of them are outside, but this one hangs out inside the academic building where I had almost all of my classes.

What secret do you suppose this fish is whispering in Sid's ear?

Sidney Penguin in front of the Erie County Court House, which is located smack-dab in the middle of Gannon's campus. Look how blue the sky was that day - that's not something you see too often in Erie.

Being the good Canadian that he is, S.P. wanted to go to Tim Hortons (In Erie, they are lucky enough to have not one, but two of them!)

Hurry up and take the picture, Lauren. Timmy's is waiting!

Sidney Penguin visited the Erie Civic Center, home of the Erie Otters (OHL). They were setting up for the circus that day otherwise we would've gone inside and looked around.

Directly adjacent to the Civic Center is Jerry Uht Park, home of the Erie SeaWolves baseball team (AA Affiliate of the Detroit Tigers).

Since we couldn't go inside the Civic Center, S.P. got his picture taken with a schedule that was posted outside.

Presque Isle is the peninsula in the distance.

Be careful, Sid....don't fall in!

S.P. liked the boats in the marina.

Of all the boats we saw, Sidney Penguin liked this one best.

Do you think anyone would notice if we took it for a spin?

S.P. thought the brand new convention center and hotel were really nice.

On the way down to the beach, we stopped at one of my favorite places to eat in Erie. Unfortunately, they were closed for the season so S.P. couldn't enjoy a Smith's hot dog there (Smith's are an Erie classic).

Sally's is right next to Sara's. They have really good pie, but they were closed for the season too.

Pie? Did someone say "pie"?

Presque Isle is home to several beautiful white sand beaches, a lighthouse museum and a nature preserve.

Sidney Penguin loved the beautiful tree-lined road that runs through Presque Isle State Park.

Now S.P. is on the other side of the bay, looking back at Erie. See that tower out in the distance? That's right next to the convention center.

We took our Timmy's out to the beach to enjoy.

Timmy's and the is good.

S.P. and I enjoyed the warm and sunny weather at the beach!

Awww! You guys make a cute couple!

The pretty beaches stretch for miles.

S.P. loves Lake Erie!

S.P. wrote his name in the sand (okay, I helped too).


Big thanks to Lauren and Sidney P. for sharing their fun pictures with us!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Itty Bitty Post

More pictures as I'm trying to catch up! These come to us from Jaime in St. Genevieve, MO:

On Tuesday, after voting, we all went roller skating. MAP, SP, and GP had fun watching, but took the time to pose for a picture. :)

Where's the ice??

Wednesday, I took them to the lake at the end of the road I live on. Though I was a little late to get the trees in full color, it was still pretty.

Can we go for a swim? Please?

Thanks to Jaime for sending in her pictures! She has sent me more and I will get those up soon :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Carlie's Roamers Hit the 'Burgh

Jodie has e-mailed me Roamer pictures that didn't get a chance to debut on The Show, so we will make sure they have their moment in the spotlight here!

So we start off with a trip Carlie made from Buffalo to the Mellon with Sidney Penguin and Jordan Penguin in tow:

Sidney and Jordan enjoying the scenery!

Wee! We're on our way to Pittsburgh!!

This my nephew playing with (trying to eat) S.P.! Lol!

Jordan seems to making a quick getaway!

And here is my niece. She is almost 3, so she didn't try eating them! She loves them! She hugs and kisses them! They came to Pittsburgh with us along with my sister and brother in law (their parents.) Well anyway, i told my neice that we were going to Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago, and i kinda, accidentally;), taught her Sidney's name.Lol! So when i told her we were going to Pittsburgh she said,"Carlie! I want to go Pittburgh! I want to go Pittburgh and find Sinny Crobee!" LOL!!! I thought that was so cute! I don't know HOW she made that connection! She must have overheard me talking about our trip! I didn't teach her that Sidney plays in Pittsburgh or ANYTHING!!! The things kids pick up these days! And i purposely spelled Pittsburgh and Sidney Crosby wrong cause that's how she pronounces it! LOL!!!

Now if that just isn't the best.hug.ever!

J.P. and S.P. hanging out outside the Mellon. After all, Penguins like cold weather!

Huddling together to keep warm!

I thought J.P. and S.P. would want a picture next to the human versions of themselves outside of The Mellon!:)

Now it was S.P.'s turn!

Isn't EVERYDAY a great day for hockey.:) When my dad took this picture the wind started kicking up A LOT!!! So we had to keep re-sitting them up. But they kept falling over! So i said,"Alright, just get the camera all ready and i'll hold them up. Tell me when you're ready and i'll run away." So we got it! But as my dad was taking the picture, S.P. fell over! So he said,"I got it!" He had snapped it right before he fell over. And if you look at the picture, Sidney is leaning ready to fall! Good timing!

I think the boys are ready to go inside and enjoy some hockey!

Thanks so much for the great pictures, Carlie! Glad you all had fun down in the 'Burgh!