Sunday, August 30, 2009


So I'm writing this post to get your thoughts on the subject....

I sent the MLF a check back in March. It was cashed in April. I haven't heard anything from them. I even sent an e-mail back in July to just say "Hey. Just wanted to know if you got our donation". Nothing.

I am not looking for a parade in my honor or anything....I would just like to know that everything got to them ok (I sent three Roamers with the check as well). I worked for a non-profit and we were required to send thank you letters for tax purposes. They were mail merge form letters that our donation computer program just spit out...all I had to do was click "print".....

So, thoughts? Ideas? Comments? I don't want to keep bugging them. And, of course, I will continue sending checks because that's what this project is all about. I guess I'm just a little disappointed I haven't heard anything. Am I making too big of a deal out of this? Or should I book a flight to Pittsburgh and give them the what for? (hee!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We Had Christmas in July....Now Thanksgiving In August!

In case no one has noticed by now, I'm not so on-the-ball about posting on here. And it isn't for lack of stuff to post! And I promised in my last Penguin Update that I would get something up here....I will not let September come before I do!

So here are pictures that Nicole and Kaitlin sent in around Thanksgiving last year. They took two of their Roamers with them to NYC (with one staying home to keep Mom company). And I had to include their little Happy Thanksgiving picture because it still makes me laugh :)

Nicole and I just thought we'd send our Thanksgiving well-wishes to you and everyone at The Show. :) Our Roamers have a little something to say, too. ;) The photo is attached. We also have pics of our weekend trip to NYC, for whenever you might care to post them.

Nicole and I recently embarked on a two-day field trip to New York City with our Japanese Club from school. When our Roamers heard that there would be lots of sushi to eat, they begged to come! We brought Sidney Penguin and Marc-Andre Penguin with us. (Max Penguin stayed home to keep our mom company. ;) ) I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Our Roamers were excited to be on the bus after waking up at two in
the morning to leave for NYC.

Later that day, we stopped in New Jersey to shop at a Japanese marketplace. Our Roamers enjoyed the beautiful NYC skyline.

That evening, we dined in a Japanese karaoke bar. SP helped himself to a whole platter of sushi!

While we drove through Times Square, the yarn boys were dazzled by the glittering lights and Christmas decorations.

SP and MAP enjoyed sight-seeing late at night on the bus.

The next day, we happened to see the NHL store, and it is currently decorated for Christmas! You might be able to see that suspended high above the door is a red hockey skate which doubles as a stocking, stuffed with ornaments and hockey sticks. Directly below that, out of view, is a Christmas tree wrapped in golden lights - and trimmed to look like the Stanley Cup!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

The girls have so much fun with their Roamers! The boys recently helped them move to college. I hear that the little guys are very helpful with the studying! We have quite a few of them helping their friends through the University life....

Thanks Nicole and Kaitlin!! Let us know how all of you are doing at school!