Sunday, July 12, 2009

Roamers In My Home State!

Jaime is from my home state of Missouri. So it always makes me giddy to see the Roamers travel around the Show Me State :)

My penguins went on a trip to southern MO with me, and I took some pictures. :) My friends there have some nice property with a pond on it, and I took the little guys for a ride on their ATV. :D They also decorate their house for Christmas more than anyone I've ever seen! I went to help them out some with that. I took a pic of them sitting in the 'ocean' of the big village. It still lacks a few things, but for the most part it was all together. I also tracked down Gracie, their cat, and got a picture with her.

Also, I bought some fingerless gloves a couple of weeks ago, and their the kind that had the mitten tops that you can fold back on them. Since I didn't want those, I took them off, and they reminded me of little beanies...:P Can you guess what I did with them? Unfortunately, there were only 2, and I have 3 penguins. I'm planning on making Marc-Andre Penguin a cap that he can wear backwards, since he's so fond of those. :)


The Penguins that Ate Christmas Village

Doesn't Kitty just look thrilled?

I love the caps! How inventive!

Stylin' :)

You can't go wrong with puppies and Roamers!

Hmmmmm....I wonder if I'll get caught up enough that Christmas pictures will stop showing up in July :)

Thanks to a string of very boring temp jobs, I am getting a lot of Roamers done. We're almost at one year of Penguin Production! Orders have slowed down, but are still coming in....I've surpassed 350! And we're almost halfway to our next $1,000! So take a moment and give yourselves a huge round of guys ROCK!!

Next time.....some Roamers go and see the Dave Matthews Band :)