Friday, February 26, 2010

Roaming to the Olympics

A bunch of Roaming Penguin Mamas have decended on Vancouver and they brought their Roamers with them!



Looks like the boys had lots of fun at the aquarium....and I'm sure they will be glued to the Canada/Slovakia game tonight (and the Canada/U.S. game on Sunday!!!)
Thanks to Kylie, Mer, and Lauren for taking their yarn boys to the Winter Games :) Another proud moment for this Penguin Mama....

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hope MAP is enjoying Hawaii!

Alyssa wrote (back in December of 2008):

Marc-Andre Penguin flew from Nashville, Tennessee to Washington, Pennsylvania for a trip to Conneaut Lake, PA (my Grandparents) for Thanksgiving.

He really dug our American traditions and ate a big plate full of food. When he saw the snow outside, it reminded him of Canada and decided to go out and play in it.

Seeing as how we were in Conneaut Lake, he begged me to take him to see the lake. He almost jumped right in, but I caught him just in time.

Marc-Andre Penguin came back home and hung out and watched the games for a while and then it was time to put him under the tree to give to my oldest brother for Christmas. My brother is in the Navy and is a really big Pens fan (in fact, he got me interested)!  Little did I know that there was a Sidney Penguin awaiting me under the tree!

They played some serious hockey for a while only stopping to take a quick picture together in front of the tree.

They had lots of fun over the holidays and are excited for some adventures!!!

P.S. My brother will be stationed in Hawaii for two to three years. So hopefully there will be some thrilling (and warm) adventures to come!



 Ok, this picture made me laugh out loud! Those goalies love making snow angels!

 (you have to look close to see MAP on the left side of the sign :) )

 "When do we leave for Hawaii??"



This penguin order was a fun one....Alyssa wanted a Marc Andre for her brother and then her dad secretly ordered a Sidney for her! I love surprises!!