Saturday, October 3, 2009

Letters and Banners and.....Snow??

As I mentioned, I talked to the wonderful folks at the MLF and last week I received my letter! Nancy included a copy of the original sent......I have to think maybe my mailman is a Mario fan and snagged the letter :) There will be more of these to come as we inch toward the next $1,000. I need to look over the financials.....I think we might be over $500 (in hand)....

Isn't it pretty??

I had almost forgotten that last night's game was the home opener with the raising of the glad I tuned in early! All the Roamers who are waiting to head toward their respective new homes wanted to watch the ceremony. There was a collective "Ahhhhhh" from the group...

There may have been some tears shed as well.... ;)

We have finally arrived at my favorite time of the year. Not only is hockey in full swing, but I just love fall in general (and Nashville's weather is pleasantly autumn-like this year!). It's the time of year where I start to wonder "will we get snow this winter?" (I love snow. Like, a lot.). So I thought I would share some pictures from Carlie from last winter in order to put the bug in Mother Nature's ear that I and Sidney Penguin sure would like to see the white stuff in a few months ;)

Here i go with my pictures again! Lol! I'm going to attach some pictures of S.P. and J.P. in the first snow in Buffalo.:) I didn't even think to do that and my mom is like,"Are you going to take pictures of the first snow with those. . .penguins?!" And i got a big smile and went out there!:) And the one is of my sign i made. In honor of the new commercial i made it say,"A Great Day For WOOOOOOOOO!!!" Lol! And i put next to the sign my puck that Cooke tossed me and this other puck with a picture of Sidney on it and an 87.:)

We love snow almost as much as Stephanie does!

I like this campaign much better than the current "Defy Ordinary"

Photos coming soon of a Roamer visiting Italy! They are well traveled, those Roamers :)