Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Updates and other things

Well, I have officially finished my 200th penguin! That is a heckuva lot of yarn! I'll be up over 300 before all is said and done (or maybe 400.....or 500......)

A lot of people have asked and, no, I haven't heard anything from the MLF yet. You all will be the first to know if I do!

On the international news front, I just sent two penguins to Switzerland! Kris S. is living over there and Geno and Sidney Penguin are going to go visit. I hope she sends us some really great pictures :) Also, my friend Nancy is traveling in Europe and she had so much fun taking Sidney P. to Boston that I sent him with her abroad. S.P. gets to travel a lot more than I get to....

And, last but not least, Sidney Penguin and I went and saw our very favorite band a few weeks ago....the Dave Matthews Band! This was Sid's 3rd show (he went with me to Indianapolis last summer). And what song so you suppose SP wanted to hear? Well, "Captain", of course! Sadly, he was disappointed....but Mama got to hear "Recently" for the first time in 20 shows, so the evening was a success :) (maybe Sidney will get to hear Captain in Indy this can only hope...)

Sidney is ready to jam out to some DMB!

Another Roaming Penguin picture post coming soon!

1 comment:

  1. 200 Roamers already? Wow! Wasn't it just earlier this season that you & Jodie started this awesome project?

    Time flies ... And so do the Roamers!

    Glad to hear that you and your Yarn Babies are doing great!