Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sidney Heads to Erie for Homecoming

Last fall, Sidney and Lauren headed back to Gannon University in Erie for homecoming. Lauren showed Sid the sites and it looks like they had a fun time!

Sidney Penguin poses with the sign outside Old Main:

It's kind of like the game Where's Waldo? Can you find SP in this picture? :)

Sidney Penguin with Old Main in the background. As I was taking this picture, a man and woman walked by and the woman said "Hi Mr. Penguin" and I couldn't help but think of the woman who said "Hi Penguin" to MAF when he was handing out season tickets this year. :)

Gannon is a Catholic university, which is why we have a statue of Jesus and two students outside the Campus Center. It's kind of an unofficial tradition to have your picture taken with Jesus, so I figured Sidney Penguin should too!

Well, who else would you expect The Saint to hang out with?

Sidney Penguin underneath the Gannon Arch.

Erie is full of fish like this, and frogs too. Each one is painted with a different theme (in Cleveland, they have guitars that are each painted in a unique way). Most of them are outside, but this one hangs out inside the academic building where I had almost all of my classes.

What secret do you suppose this fish is whispering in Sid's ear?

Sidney Penguin in front of the Erie County Court House, which is located smack-dab in the middle of Gannon's campus. Look how blue the sky was that day - that's not something you see too often in Erie.

Being the good Canadian that he is, S.P. wanted to go to Tim Hortons (In Erie, they are lucky enough to have not one, but two of them!)

Hurry up and take the picture, Lauren. Timmy's is waiting!

Sidney Penguin visited the Erie Civic Center, home of the Erie Otters (OHL). They were setting up for the circus that day otherwise we would've gone inside and looked around.

Directly adjacent to the Civic Center is Jerry Uht Park, home of the Erie SeaWolves baseball team (AA Affiliate of the Detroit Tigers).

Since we couldn't go inside the Civic Center, S.P. got his picture taken with a schedule that was posted outside.

Presque Isle is the peninsula in the distance.

Be careful, Sid....don't fall in!

S.P. liked the boats in the marina.

Of all the boats we saw, Sidney Penguin liked this one best.

Do you think anyone would notice if we took it for a spin?

S.P. thought the brand new convention center and hotel were really nice.

On the way down to the beach, we stopped at one of my favorite places to eat in Erie. Unfortunately, they were closed for the season so S.P. couldn't enjoy a Smith's hot dog there (Smith's are an Erie classic).

Sally's is right next to Sara's. They have really good pie, but they were closed for the season too.

Pie? Did someone say "pie"?

Presque Isle is home to several beautiful white sand beaches, a lighthouse museum and a nature preserve.

Sidney Penguin loved the beautiful tree-lined road that runs through Presque Isle State Park.

Now S.P. is on the other side of the bay, looking back at Erie. See that tower out in the distance? That's right next to the convention center.

We took our Timmy's out to the beach to enjoy.

Timmy's and the is good.

S.P. and I enjoyed the warm and sunny weather at the beach!

Awww! You guys make a cute couple!

The pretty beaches stretch for miles.

S.P. loves Lake Erie!

S.P. wrote his name in the sand (okay, I helped too).


Big thanks to Lauren and Sidney P. for sharing their fun pictures with us!


  1. Yay Presque Isle! I love it there, except don't go in October... ticks attack then. ***SHUDDER***

    Lauren's photos are always so great!

  2. @Stephaniec: Oddly enough, these pictures were taken Halloween weekend! :)

  3. Lauren, I esp love your pic of Sidney Penguin with the Jesus statue. How cute! I agree you take great pics and come up with great captions too.

  4. Hey, Steph, any word from the MLF about the Roamers and $$ sent there?

    Meanwhile, keep being awesome!