Sunday, April 5, 2009

Carlie's Roamers Hit the 'Burgh

Jodie has e-mailed me Roamer pictures that didn't get a chance to debut on The Show, so we will make sure they have their moment in the spotlight here!

So we start off with a trip Carlie made from Buffalo to the Mellon with Sidney Penguin and Jordan Penguin in tow:

Sidney and Jordan enjoying the scenery!

Wee! We're on our way to Pittsburgh!!

This my nephew playing with (trying to eat) S.P.! Lol!

Jordan seems to making a quick getaway!

And here is my niece. She is almost 3, so she didn't try eating them! She loves them! She hugs and kisses them! They came to Pittsburgh with us along with my sister and brother in law (their parents.) Well anyway, i told my neice that we were going to Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago, and i kinda, accidentally;), taught her Sidney's name.Lol! So when i told her we were going to Pittsburgh she said,"Carlie! I want to go Pittburgh! I want to go Pittburgh and find Sinny Crobee!" LOL!!! I thought that was so cute! I don't know HOW she made that connection! She must have overheard me talking about our trip! I didn't teach her that Sidney plays in Pittsburgh or ANYTHING!!! The things kids pick up these days! And i purposely spelled Pittsburgh and Sidney Crosby wrong cause that's how she pronounces it! LOL!!!

Now if that just isn't the best.hug.ever!

J.P. and S.P. hanging out outside the Mellon. After all, Penguins like cold weather!

Huddling together to keep warm!

I thought J.P. and S.P. would want a picture next to the human versions of themselves outside of The Mellon!:)

Now it was S.P.'s turn!

Isn't EVERYDAY a great day for hockey.:) When my dad took this picture the wind started kicking up A LOT!!! So we had to keep re-sitting them up. But they kept falling over! So i said,"Alright, just get the camera all ready and i'll hold them up. Tell me when you're ready and i'll run away." So we got it! But as my dad was taking the picture, S.P. fell over! So he said,"I got it!" He had snapped it right before he fell over. And if you look at the picture, Sidney is leaning ready to fall! Good timing!

I think the boys are ready to go inside and enjoy some hockey!

Thanks so much for the great pictures, Carlie! Glad you all had fun down in the 'Burgh!

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  1. AWESOME!!! Thanks for posting this! My niece loves my penguins a little too much, so I had to take them away. She just kept squeezing and squeezing. . . LOL!!!