Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sidney Across the Ocean

Many months ago I had the pleasure of sending Sidney Penguin to Gillian in Perth, Scotland. I must say, I desperately wanted to join him in the envelope, but I'm not sure Gillian would have believed the postage charge on that one :)

Gillian graciously took S.P. with her on her trip to Aberdeen (have I mentioned yet that I'm jealous?):

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Here is Sidney enjoying a lovely day at the beach:

Can you see Norway from here?

Wait. Is there a hand back there?


Sid checks into his hotel

Looks like Sid found himself a girlfriend there in Scotland...beep, beep!

I have more pictures from Gillian coming later....she and S.P. came across the pond and saw the sights in Big Sid's adopted hometown!


  1. You are more than welcome to come to Scotland, I would happily show you the sights.

    He is a happy little Penguin, always getting up to mischief and loving the Pens still being in the playoffs.

  2. Awesome to see S.P. traveling so well! Thanks for the pics, Gillian!