Friday, May 22, 2009

Mile High Sidney

Nadia lives in Colorado Springs. You might remember that she and Sidney Penguin took a hike up a steep incline (my legs hurt just thinking about it!). Back in November Sid took Nadia and some friends to an Avalanche game against Calgary:

Sid has his ticket and is ready to go :)

Checkin' out the pre-skate....where's #87?

Nadia's friends can't help but love the little guy :)

Avalanche fans giving Sid some love!

Sidney Penguin was a bit disgruntled after the Pens lost....but stopped to pose in front of the arena anyway.

Thanks so much to Nadia for sharing her Denver pics! Glad to see you and S.P. are having a fun time together :)


  1. Lol! I have never seen a Colorado Avalanche fan before! Now, I don't intend that in a rude way. It's just that all the way over here in Sabres country they don't really ever make their way to the HSBC Arena. Hey, I wouldn't either with that long of a drive!

  2. Did a MapQuest. 24 hours and 36 minutes. If someone is that die-hard to see a game in Buffalo for some reason I want to meet them because DANG!!!