Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving.....2008 *shrug*

I am now officially a year behind! Perhaps my New Year's Resolution next month will be to blog more (of course, at the rate I'm going, I won't make resolutions until sometime in September). Anyways, please sit back and enjoy Ali's trip home for Thanksgiving.....from last year :)

Brooks Penguin and I started celebrating Christmas and the winter season a little early -- enjoy!!

On the way to Virginia...

Brooks Penguin and my sister had to stop and get in a game of checkers...

Brooks took awhile to decide on his next move...


Brooks really wanted to take a little bite out of this HUGE gingerbread house, but we held him back. haha.

With a deer in the winter woodlands. :)

Brooks, Santa, and I all posed for a picture together. :)

Wooden Soldier & Brooks... excellent.

Brooks and a HUGE Christmas tree -- you can't really see him, but he's on top of the gifts under the tree...

Looking up at the tree... see how freakin' huge it is??? Wow.

It was skate time!!!

Checking out the rink before it was time to go out and skate...

It was time to get up close and personal with the ice... haha... Brooks probably should have been giving ME lessons...

Skating = so much fun!

Well -- I guess the final countdown to Christmas is right upon us... haha... I hope you have a great December!!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Sidney Penguin and I ate waaaaaaaay too much and we took in a Stars game over the weekend (don't tell anyone, but S.P. does love the Stars).

Until next time....keep on Roamin'!

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  1. I am partial to Ali, so I love this post, but also you do have a life. Never apologize for lack of updates, I am just glad that you have included us in the roaming penguins' adventures.