Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas from Penguin Production Headquarters (Dallas Division)!!

Penguin Production Headquarters has temporarily moved from Nashville to Dallas (well, ok, Ft. Worth really) for the next week. And I am THRILLED to report that I got what I've always wanted for Christmas (well, ok, besides a husband).....a white Christmas! It was beautiful as it fell yesterday and I believe we ended up with about 3 inches. And did I mention we're in TEXAS?? Josey-kitten, my mom and I drove out here Wednesday night....and I'm glad we did with the impending snow. We'll be here until New Years and taking in two Stars games while I'm here.

Anyhow, I hope that everyone out in Roamer Land has a great, great Christmas (or a Happy Hanukkah!) and a fun time ringing in 2010!!

Josey and Sid...checking out the snow

Sid on my parent's front porch marveling at the white stuff!

Would you look at that.....Santa makes Roamers too! (this Sidney Penguin is for my dad...I'll let you know if he ever roams with him :) )


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  1. Hope you had a great Christmas. We didn't get snow here in Upstate NY, bummer, but it's due in today. Better late than never!

    Christmas looked beautiful there...I'm still waiting on my White Christmas. *sigh*

    Enjoy the snow and be safe!