Saturday, September 19, 2009

Roamers Go To Camp!

Pens training camp started last weekend and the Big Pens weren't the only ones in the house!

Lexie and her mom got up early and were first in line to get into the Mellon. That wake-up call reaped great benefits:

Brooksie waiting for the boys to arrive

Kris makes sure all the water bottles are ready

Max is finally seeing a little movement on the ice!

Let training camp begin!!

"Ok, boys, we need to see a little more hustle out there..."

Lexie and little Tanger

Little Tang and Big Tang

Kris is waiting his turn to hit the ice...

Lexie, Kris Penguin and some dude :)

Another autographed Roamer :)

Thanks so much to Lexie (and her mom, Tiffany) for these great photos! Seeing Roamers in the hands of the players is absolutely unreal to me. This is Kris Letang's second Roamer encounter (first one was back in February), so, according to Lexie, "he already knew about them" :) Ummmm. Wow. I'm all vklempt just thinking about it!!

Less than two weeks til the season starts.....GO PENS!!!!


  1. That's so awesome!

    I envy you...and my penguins envy yours...we don't get to see our beloved Boys of Winter this year. :(

  2. Jaime...I won't get to see them either :( Sometimes it's a bummer to live in a Western Conference town (though my Stars will be here on Halloween! Woo Hoo!)

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