Monday, June 15, 2009

A Roamers Reunion

Carlie (CarlieCurlyQ) and her family came to Nashville all the way from Buffalo for the annual CMA Music Festival. I was sooooooo excited to meet my most enthusiastic Roamer friend! I visited with her and her mom and we talked a lot of hockey (go figure!). It was fun getting to meet them and reunite the Original Sidney Penguin with some of his teammates :)

We should do this again next year, Carlie!


  1. Stephanie! I am coming to Nashville next week! I'm still nagging my mom to figure out the specific dates we'll be there, but I'll keep you posted! :)

  2. WHOOAAA yo have a LOT of roaming penguins carlie!
    who all do you have?

  3. Lauren....definitely let me know! I'm always happy to welcome Roaming Mamas to my fair city :)

  4. ohh this is SUPER cute!!! I love it.
    I am going to a Jonas Brothers concert tomorrow night! I'm taking Lil Kris Penguin with me!
    I got him 2 weeks ago, so it's first time out of the house. He's going to love it. We have to take a ferry and a pretty long car ride.
    He'll be visiting Vancouver, where the Canucks play, and he'll see the home of the Canucks - GM place. (Which he knows alot about. Vancouver was the place where Big Kris won gold for Canada, and where he won his 2nd career shootout against the Canucks. Which I was there for, so he knows all about it!)
    Pictures to come on . . . I'd say wednesday!