Monday, June 29, 2009

Roamers Bring the World Together

Joeceff and Susan welcomed Sid and Max Penguin into their Tulsa home many months ago (rumor has it that the boys love that midwest living!)

Susan and I had the fun of meeting with another of the Sidney Crosby Show and Roaming Pens fan. Val (her blog name is also “Val”) is from Wisconsin , but grew up here in Tulsa , where I’m originally from and Susan and I currently live. She came through Tulsa last Sunday and we met with her for several hours and took some pictures. Val is the one in the white t-shirt, Susan is in the black one and if you couldn’t guess, I’m the one with the beard. I’m also sending a couple of pics with our Sid and Max Penguin celebrating with their own version of “The Cup”. We just wanted to let you know that at least in part, you are responsible for a new-found friendship.

Sid and Max Penguin with an itty bitty Cup!

Go ahead, Sid, hoist that sucker above your head!

Thanks to Joeceff and Susan for sharing their photos! So glad to hear that the little guys are helping along friendships :)

In other news, I just sent the MLF an e-mail to make sure the Roamers and check arrived safely (since I haven't heard anything since sending them in March). I will be sure to let you all know if I get a response!


  1. I did try to figure out a way for the little guys to "hoist the cup". Like the real one, it weighs more than it would appear. It was just too heavy for them to hold.

    And for those of you who can count - Yes, everyone at the meeting is in the one picture. Oddly enough, when we started taking pictures, we had a young couple walk by and ask if we'd like them to take a picture with all three of us in it. (Five if you count Sid & Max.) Turned out that they were Red Wings' fans and we had a short, pleasant chat with them as well. Obviously they were the ones who took the pic with all of us in it.

    Imagine that, 3 Pens' fans meeting 2 Wings' fans in the middle of Tulsa, Oklahoma. And everyone was civil about the whole thing - go figure!

    As Alice would say, "Curiouser and curiouser!"

  2. I think Wings fans are like any other....there are good eggs and bad eggs! Glad to hear you met some of the good ones :)

    I'm just impressed by all the hockey fans in Tulsa! I mean, there isn't a franchise anywhere near you :) And to find Detroit fans and Pittsburgh fans so far from their home bases....that's pretty cool.

  3. Ah, I loved meeting Joeceff and Susan a lot...they were so sweet, and we talked and talked and could have talked more...these pics are fun, because like Joeceff said, a couple of Red Wings fans took a few them...let's just say that in the south (or southwest) you are always polite, and those red wings fans were uber polite.

    Shout out to Joeceff and Susan--miss y'all!