Sunday, August 30, 2009


So I'm writing this post to get your thoughts on the subject....

I sent the MLF a check back in March. It was cashed in April. I haven't heard anything from them. I even sent an e-mail back in July to just say "Hey. Just wanted to know if you got our donation". Nothing.

I am not looking for a parade in my honor or anything....I would just like to know that everything got to them ok (I sent three Roamers with the check as well). I worked for a non-profit and we were required to send thank you letters for tax purposes. They were mail merge form letters that our donation computer program just spit out...all I had to do was click "print".....

So, thoughts? Ideas? Comments? I don't want to keep bugging them. And, of course, I will continue sending checks because that's what this project is all about. I guess I'm just a little disappointed I haven't heard anything. Am I making too big of a deal out of this? Or should I book a flight to Pittsburgh and give them the what for? (hee!)


  1. I definitely think you should book a flight to Pittsburgh! :)

    But seriously, that's weird they haven't sent you any sort of response - I've never made just a flat-out donation to the MLF - I've always sent money for things like the Beard-A-Thon or the Hockeytahn t-shirts, but I donate to my sorority's foundation a few times a year and they always send me a letter (like you said, for tax purposes) within a few weeks. Have you tried calling them? I say to keep bugging them until they give you some sort of response.

    It'd be kind of disappointing if they didn't recognize what a cool project this is :)

  2. My best guess would be that it got lost in the mail. But let's not hope not. Have you tried e-mailing them, because the adress is mixed up and it went somewhere els? (No, but that wouldn't make sense...).

  3. Sorry... MAYBE the adress is wrong. Altough like I said, that isn't very likely at all.

  4. Stephanie, I am befuddled too. I made a donation early last December to the MLF and received a thank you letter either late Dec/early Jan. I could understand if they didn't mention the penguins (due to the mass mailings) but that is very odd they wouldn't send you a reciept for tax purposes. I would suggest a phone call just to say you never received a letter and saw that the check was cashed.

  5. I think a phone call is in order. Something must have gotten messed up somewhere, you should have gotten a receipt, at the very least.
    Keep us posted on what happens, pls.