Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Roaming Penguin Project

It all started as a fun project to kill off-season time on The Sidney Crosby Show. Jodie wanted us to send in pictures of us with our Pittsburgh Penguins stuff and to represent where we were from (since Pens fans are everywhere!). I was a fairly new fan and didn't have any Penguins gear. But I am a knitting/crocheting geek and thought "hey, I'll just make a penguin". From there I decided to take him all around Nashville and get his picture with some of the sights. Here are the results of my entry:

After I sent my picture to Jodie, I e-mailed her to get her thoughts on whether the "Friends of The Show" might be interested in having a crocheted penguin of their own. She and I worked back and forth and officially launched the Roaming Penguin ordering on August 8, 2008 (the day after Sidney Crosby's birthday :) )

As stated in the ordering information, $5 from each penguin goes to the Mario Lemieux Foundation. As of this posting, I haven't sent them a check yet (waiting to hit the $1,000 mark) and the Foundation is not aware that I'm doing this. A few of the Penguins players have gotten to "meet" some of our Roamers, which is just mind-boggling to me!

I will be keeping this blog to post pictures of the Roamers and to keep everyone updated on fun statistics and how much money has been raised! So come back often :)

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